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What is Shoshin?


Shoshin is a Zen concept that means "beginner's mind". It is the quintessential mindset for learning. Shoshin conveys an attitude of openness beyond preconceptions, learnt patterns and limiting beliefs, that can lead to deep insight, understanding, and emotional growth.

How can I help you?

Whether it be a phobia, addiction, stress, or a lack of belief in yourself, I can support you and provide practical, therapeutic tools to help you in overcoming any limiting beliefs you may have, allowing you to lead the life you want to live.


I am a certified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, as well as a Zen Mindfulness and Meditation guide. Please see below for what I can offer you.





*All sessions are currently online but please contact me regarding potential in-person sessions*

Contact me for a free consultation to see how I can directly help you

What i offer
Zen Meditation and
Mindfulness for Health & Wellbeing

An abundance of evidence continues to grow in support of the effectiveness of mindfulness in the service of health and general wellbeing. Zen in particular has a mindfulness tradition that stretches back centuries.

I offer an 8 week course in Bompu zen, which is a purely secular form of practice in which you will learn tried and tested methods that can help you decrease stress levels, develop focus and improve physical and mental health.

I can also provide this teaching on a 1 to 1, session to session basis.

I specialise in Cognitive Hypnotherapy which is a pioneering, evidence-based approach to therapy, tailored to you and your needs by working from your model of the world. I'm also a certified practitioner in NLP.

Areas I can help you with include:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Addiction

  • Phobias

  • Trauma

  • OCD

Looking after yourself

We live in an evermore hectic and stressful world, making it important that we regularly check-in and connect with ourselves. Whether you're looking for help in organising your daily schedule, planning a new venture, looking for tools for stress-reIief or self-inquiry and insight, I offer a completely tailored approach in providing you with what you need, as well as multiple price plans to fit your budget and schedule.

All Life Coaching packages include access to the weekly classes as detailed in the box below.

2-part online
'de-stressing Toolkit' course

Focusing specifically on helping you deal with stress and anxiety, this two-part course provides information on how the nervous-system functions as well as a variety of practical approaches to help you regulate it and bring you back to a calm state. 

Areas covered include polyvagal theory, vagus nerve 'toning' exercises, breathwork and mindfulness.


Each week I offer a five day timetable of online classes which includes mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness movement.

Access to all sessions costs only £9.99 per month.

Weekly Classes
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