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8-Week, online course in Zen Meditation and Mindfulness for Health & Wellbeing


New Year, January Discount
Individual price £210 (reduced from £240)
Couples/pair price £360 (reduced from £420)
(Fees can be paid in 

Experience the convenience of this 8-week online course with evening sessions, each lasting around 80 minutes. For details about practical days and times, please contact me.


An abundance of evidence continues to grow in support of the effectiveness of mindfulness in the service of health and general wellbeing. Zen in particular has a mindfulness tradition that stretches back centuries.

This is an 8 week course in Bompu zen, which is a purely secular form of practice in which you will learn tried and tested methods that can help you...


  • Decrease stress levels

  • Manage rumination/procrastination

  • Develop focus

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Connect to your own innate resources

  • Foster self-care

  • Gain Insight

Embark on a transformative mindfulness journey with this comprehensive course. Explore the Zen approach to Meditation and Mindfulness, gaining insights into stress and its origins. Understand the dynamic relationship between Meditation, Mindfulness, and physical pain, and learn effective techniques to manage emotional stress, anxiety, and depression. Engage in specific meditation practices, including Bodyscan, 'counting the breath' and 'practice of presence', as you cultivate a deeper connection to the present moment and enhance your overall well-being. This course is designed to empower you with practical tools and knowledge for a mindful and fulfilling life.

The course includes complementary audio recordings and digital handouts.

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