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I studied Cognitive Hypnotherapy at the pioneering Quest Institute under the tutelage of its founder Trevor Silvester. I studied Zen Meditation and Mindfulness for Health & Wellbeing at Zenways (course accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association).

I also stay creatively active as a visual artist, my recent projects are inspired by Zen and non-duality. If you're interested, some examples can be found here: 

​​I’ve been working as a professional musician, performer, visual artist, and educator in both schools and university for over twenty years. I became a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in 2017 and recently trained as a Zen meditation and mindfulness guide. I’m currently looking at ways of combining these practices with a focus on improving people’s mental health and wellbeing, promoting diversity of thought and helping people find their voice through creativity.

I struggled for years with OCD and tried multiple therapies, methods and philosophies to deal with my anxiety. Along the way I've picked up some useful insights which inform much of my therapy work.

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Adam Shoshin Delacour

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