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What is Zen?


The English translation of the Japanese term "Zen" (from the sanskrit "dhyana") is "meditation", so when we say "Zen meditation" we're actually saying "meditation meditation", so there's really no excuse in missing the meditation part.

For me Zen is just 'this', as it is, so although the term may conjure images of old temples and bygone masters uttering brain-destroying riddles, it's really just what's here, right now...and what's 'there' as you're reading this sentence.

What are meditation and mindfulness?


One way to look at them could be:

meditation - concentration with a narrow focus, such as on an image or mantra, or with a wider more open focus.

mindfulness - being aware or paying attention to what is. This can be internal (the body) or external (an activity).

Why practice it?

There is an abundance of research showing how meditation and mindfulness help improve health and wellbeing. Some of the benefits include:


  • reduction of anxiety 

  • improved focus

  • alleviation of symptoms of depression

  • increase in self-compassion

  • general improvement of mental health

Along the way you may also gain insights into who you really are.


The proof is in the pudding


Each month I deliver an 8-week Zen meditation and mindfulness for health & wellbeing course as designed by Zen master Julian Daizan Skinner (Zenways) in which you will learn Bompu Zen, which is a purely secular form of practice informed by centuries of hands-on experience.

For more details including dates and pricing click here

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