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1 -1 Therapy


My core training is in cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP but I utilise many other approaches and methods when working with clients, these have included:

  • boundaries work (discovering your core needs/building a healthier relationship with yourself and others)

  • mindfulness (learning to be with whatever is here right now)

  • understanding the autonomic nervous system (how your body responds/reacts to stress)

  • polyvagal and somatic approaches (realising that it's not just about working with the mind, your body also stores memories of things such as stress and trauma)

  • breathwork (learning practical methods on how to calm the body and mind)


Each session, whether online or in person, lasts approximately 1 hour.


Individual sessions are £70 but it is unlikely that we can work on core issues in that time-frame, so I offer a 4 session rate of £240 (£60 per session).

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